White papers

Pluralsight is building a suite of fully supported, no-code connectors like Tableau. Until other no-code connectors are built, please reach out to your CSM or AE to get access to the white papers mentioned below. 

Note: These white papers include example scripts. Use at your own risk.

BI (Business Intelligence) Tools:

  • Power BI: Learn how to leverage Microsoft's Power Query M Language to consume GraphQL APIs.
  • Qlik: Learn how to configure Qlik to consume GraphQL APIs.


  • Nested Teams (in Python): Use Python to manage nested team hierarchies. See our API documentation to createUser, inviteMember, moveMemberToTeam, etc.
  • Python: Use Python to pull the SkillAssessmentCatalog from our GraphQL API and even download a working example.
  • R: Use R to pull skill data from GraphQL with an example on how to pull from the skills assessments catalog.
  • Alteryx: Use Alteryx to pull GraphQL data and view it in a designer UI