Getting Started with the Team Structure Import

The Team Structure Import allows you to make your Pluralsight team structure align with the team hierarchy structure you import. This import is for any HRIS/HCM system.

NOTE: If your HRIS system uses Workday, please view our Team Sync Connector for Workday documentation. This will allow both learners and leaders to leverage in-app learning analytics, skill inventory, and skill progression over time and by team. This API does NOT include sending content progress or the content catalog information back to Workday.

The purpose of this page is to help guide you from start to finish in the setup of our Team Structure Import API. On this page, we have linked documentation that will cover the Team Structure Import's functionality, as well as step by step guidance on setting up your HTTP request. We also include our recommended testing strategies, and troubleshooting.

Recommended Steps

  1. To begin, please review the FAQ to ensure that the Team Structure Import has the functionality that fits your business needs.
  2. Next, navigate to the Team Structure Import Setup page. This page will explain how to set up your HTTP request with the Team Structure Import.
  3. Once the two steps above have been completed, read our recommended Testing Strategy.
  4. You can see the results of your Team Structure Import on our Import Results page. We also have a page regarding Troubleshooting which covers possible errors you may encounter.