Tableau Changelog

This changelog is a list of changes made to the Tableau web data connector since 1 Sept 2020.

Changes on 01-24-2023

Added the priority entity

Changes on 12-22-2022

Added the planAdmins entity

Added the teamManagers entity

Added the following fields to the courseCatalog entity:

  • tagsLevel1Tags
  • tagsLevel2Tags
  • tagsLevel3Tags
  • tagsAllTags

Added the teamIds field to the courseDailyUsage entity.

Added the following fields to the tags entity:

  • level1Tags
  • level2Tags
  • level3Tags
  • allTags

Added the teamIds field to the users entity.

Changes on 07-28-2022

Added teams entity.

Changes on 09-07-2021

Added crAssessmentUserCompletions and crAssessmentUserScores reports.

Changes on 06-22-2021

Tableau WDC connector Design Mode option!

Design Mode returns the first request of the following tables:

  • channelProgress
  • contentProgress
  • courseDailyUsage
  • courseProgress

To activate Design Mode, In the Pluralsight Tableau Connector Window after you enter your api key, check the box next to Design Mode. When you are in Design Mode you will see a Table called _DESIGN_MODE. This is the visual indicator that Design Mode is active. It also has a description and a list of tables affected.

Once your workbook is ready to publish, or you want to retrieve all data locally you will need to pull it out of Design Mode. Depending on where you are in the app you will need to Edit Data Source and finally Edit Connection. This will show the Pluralsight Tableau Connector window. Paste the apiKey and leave the Design Mode uncheck and Pull Data. You should see the _DESIGN_MODE table disappear in the Table list. You are now out of design mode and the Workbook should pull all data.

If you would like to put the Workbook back in Design Mode, repeat the process above and check the Design Mode checkbox.

Some things to consider:

  • At this point Design Mode only works with Tableau Desktop, it will not work on Tableau Public.
  • If you publish your Workbook to the server in Design Mode, it should ignore this setting on the server and pull all data. However, this needs to be tested.
  • We are not expecting this to affect existing Workbooks.

Changes on 06-17-2021

Removed all crAssessment* reports

Changes on 02-26-2021

Added skillId field to skillIqsSummary table

Changes on 02-01-2021

Added the following fields to crAssessmentUserScores:

  • createdOn
  • lastCompletedOn

Changes on 01-14-2021

Updated pathCatalogContent to include levels with the following additional fields:

  • levelId
  • title
  • description

Updated memberInvites to include the field status

Changes on 01-05-2021

Added pathCatalog and pathCatalogContent with the following fields:

For pathCatalog:

  • id
  • createdon
  • description
  • highlights
  • prerequisites
  • relatedtopics
  • status
  • title
  • type
  • updatedon
  • slug

For pathCatalogContent:

  • id
  • contentId
  • contentType

Note: the above entities are currently in ALPHA.

Changes on 11-06-2020

Added Tags entity with the following fields:

  • contentId
  • idNum
  • superDomain
  • domain
  • audience
  • primaryAtomicName
  • primaryAtomicNameAlternativeNames

Note: the above fields are currently in BETA.

Changes on 10-29-2020

Added the following fields to contentCatalog:

  • imageUrl
  • duration
  • idNum

Changes on 10-27-2020

The following tables have been added in BETA:

  • crAssessmentFormLevelStatistics
  • crAssessmentItemLevelStatistics
  • crAssessmentOptionLevelStatistics

Changes on 10-26-2020

The following fields on the crAssessmentUserCompletions BETA table have changed names:

  • tqTopic is now topicName
  • testFormId is now formTaxonomy

The table crAssessmentUserOptions has been added in BETA.

Changes on 10-23-2020

Removed the beta prefix from:

  • ContentCatalog
  • ContentProgress

Note, these entities are still in BETA.

Changes on 10-22-2020

Renamed the following entities:

  • betaCriterionAssessmentUserCompletions to crAssessmentUserCompletions
  • betaCriterionAssessmentUserScores to crAssessmentUserScores

Note, these entities are still in BETA.

Changes on 10-20-2020

The field ssoIdentifiers on the users table has been deprecated. Use currentSsoIdentifier instead.

Changes on 10-15-2020

Added the following entities:

  • betaCriterionAssessmentUserCompletions
  • betaCriterionAssessmentUserScores

Note these fields are currently in BETA.

Changes on 09-11-2020

Added contentProgress to beta. It will show up in Tableau as a table called betaContentProgress. Note: This only fetches the last 12 months of data. For more history, please use GraphQL API.

Changes on 09-09-2020

Added Current SSO Identifier to the users table.

Changes on 09-04-2020

Added contentCatalog to beta. It will show up in Tableau as a table called betaContentCatalog.