Tableau Changelog

This changelog is a list of changes made to the Tableau web data connector since 1 Sept 2020.

Changes on 06-17-2021

Removed all crAssessment* reports

Changes on 02-26-2021

Added skillId field to skillIqsSummary table

Changes on 02-01-2021

Added the following fields to crAssessmentUserScores:

  • createdOn
  • lastCompletedOn

Changes on 01-14-2021

Updated pathCatalogContent to include levels with the following additional fields:

  • levelId
  • title
  • description

Updated memberInvites to include the field status

Changes on 01-05-2021

Added pathCatalog and pathCatalogContent with the following fields:

For pathCatalog:

  • id
  • createdon
  • description
  • highlights
  • prerequisites
  • relatedtopics
  • status
  • title
  • type
  • updatedon
  • slug

For pathCatalogContent:

  • id
  • contentId
  • contentType

Note: the above entities are currently in ALPHA.

Changes on 11-06-2020

Added Tags entity with the following fields:

  • contentId
  • idNum
  • superDomain
  • domain
  • audience
  • primaryAtomicName
  • primaryAtomicNameAlternativeNames

Note: the above fields are currently in BETA.

Changes on 10-29-2020

Added the following fields to contentCatalog:

  • imageUrl
  • duration
  • idNum

Changes on 10-27-2020

The following tables have been added in BETA:

  • crAssessmentFormLevelStatistics
  • crAssessmentItemLevelStatistics
  • crAssessmentOptionLevelStatistics

Changes on 10-26-2020

The following fields on the crAssessmentUserCompletions BETA table have changed names:

  • tqTopic is now topicName
  • testFormId is now formTaxonomy

The table crAssessmentUserOptions has been added in BETA.

Changes on 10-23-2020

Removed the beta prefix from:

  • ContentCatalog
  • ContentProgress

Note, these entities are still in BETA.

Changes on 10-22-2020

Renamed the following entities:

  • betaCriterionAssessmentUserCompletions to crAssessmentUserCompletions
  • betaCriterionAssessmentUserScores to crAssessmentUserScores

Note, these entities are still in BETA.

Changes on 10-20-2020

The field ssoIdentifiers on the users table has been deprecated. Use currentSsoIdentifier instead.

Changes on 10-15-2020

Added the following entities:

  • betaCriterionAssessmentUserCompletions
  • betaCriterionAssessmentUserScores

Note these fields are currently in BETA.

Changes on 09-11-2020

Added contentProgress to beta. It will show up in Tableau as a table called betaContentProgress. Note: This only fetches the last 12 months of data. For more history, please use GraphQL API.

Changes on 09-09-2020

Added Current SSO Identifier to the users table.

Changes on 09-04-2020

Added contentCatalog to beta. It will show up in Tableau as a table called betaContentCatalog.