Visual Studio Code Extension

The Pluralsight Visual Studio Code IDE extension is a powerful tool to help you get targeted training recommendations in your moment of need. Many of Pluralsight's most popular features like Channels, Paths, Guides, Courses as well as Projects and Interactive Courses are all at your finger tips with the new Pluralsight extension.

Dependencies Related Content

The Dependencies window shows you recommended content based on your project dependencies. For projects using npm, you will also see metrics for Popularity, Quality, and Maintenance from The quality score is based on several things including whether the package has tests, a README, outdated dependencies, etc. The maintenance score tells whether the package is being actively maintained or if it's a stale project. Popularity is a measure of the size of the community. See also scoring details.



Available to Pluralsight Enterprise customers, the Q&A experience allows learners to post questions and answers within their organization. Q&A is a tool that enables you and your peers to learn collaboratively. Have a question and don't know who to go for help? Ask it on Q&A and your question matches with peers in your organization who have the right expertise to help. See Q&A Overview for screenshots and more information about how to use the feature.


Channels help you organize the content you want to learn. Where bookmarks help you save individual pieces of content, channels allows you to collect courses, paths, and external content such as reference guides. Some learners create channels around a topic, such as understanding cloud security, or towards a goal, like preparing for a PMP exam. See Channels Intro for more details.

Clip Recommendations

Often you don't need a full course, you just need a quick example or a short clip to help get you unstuck. That's where the clips recommendation window can help. Based on the current file, individual PS clips are recommended. For even more targeted results highlight a section of code. For example if you want to learn more about VSIX files, you can highlight 'vsix' and you'll see related clips.

Clip Recommendation

Content Search

If the personalized content recommended in Clips, Dependencies, or Workspace views don't give you what you need, you can search by topic, author, or description directly in the Content Search view (shortcut Ctr/Cmd + Shift + 8).

Time Tracking

By default, the extension keeps track of how much time you spend in each file and language (you can turn time tracking off in the extension's settings). The extension does not store any of your source code, only file/folder names and languages. You will see how much time you have spent coding today on the bottom left of the screen.

Daily Time Coding

If you click on it, you will be redirected to, where you can see data visualizations and recommended courses.

Time Tracking UI


To test our Alpha version, you can head to VSCode marketplace


What is your privacy policy?

Pluralsight Privacy Policy

What are your terms of use?

Pluralsight Terms of Use

What happens with my source code?

Your source code stays on your machine and is not sent to Pluralsight. Client-side, the extension looks for meaningful search terms, randomizes the order, removes any high entropy terms, and then submits a request to the PS recommendations engine to find relevant clips.

How do I limit data shared with Pluralsight?

In order to show personalized content recommendations, each view in the extension sends different search terms (dependencies, workspace, clips, etc) to Pluralsight. You can disable or enable any of the Pluralsight extension features (and any searches the view makes) by toggling which views are active in the VSCode side bar.

Disable Panes

If you don't want clip-level recommendations, you can disable them by opening the Explorer side-bar, right clicking on any of the view headers, and deslecting Pluralsight Clips.

Do I have to log in to Pluralsight?

No, you do not have to log in for most features, ie, recommendations for dependencies, workspace, clips, and search will all work without logging in. If you would like to see your company's Q&A topics or your Channels, you will need to log in. Of course in order to view content on the Pluralsight website, you'll need to login or sign up for a trial license.

How do I log in?

Clicking on the authentication message will take you to a web browser to log in to Then simply return to VSCode and click the Reload button in the lower right corner. Your Pluralsight session in VSCode and on the website will be valid for 7 days.


Where are my new channels?

If you've recently created, joined, or updated a channel on, you'll need to click the refresh icon in the Channels view for it to show up. Likewise you can do the same for any new Q&A topics.

Refresh Button