Getting Started with License Deprovisioning Connector for Workday

The License Deprovisioning connector allows you to revoke users licenses. This is a seperate process from the Team Hierarchy, and allows a quick and efficient way of stripping users of their licenses and/or their managerial priviliges upon termination or any other circumstance.

The purpose of this page is to help guide you from start to finish in the setup of our License Deprovisioning API. This page compiles all of our documentation for the License Deprovisioning into a step by step guide. On this page, we have documentation that will cover the License Deprovisioning's functionality, as well as step by step guidance on setting up your EIB. We also include our recommended testing strategies, and troubleshooting.

This connector is currently in ALPHA. If you want to leverage the License Deprovisioning functionality, check to see if you're a good fit to become and early access customer

Early Access may be a good fit for you if:

  • You’re willing to iterate together, meeting regularly (~weekly) with the Pluralsight PaaS team to review your use cases, review results and provide feedback.
  • Your requirement aligns with the endpoint removing any user license within Pluralsight that gets sent to us in your CSV file.

Please contact your CSM or the PaaS team if you are interested in becoming an early access customer.

Recommended Steps

  1. Navigate to the Deprovision EIB Setup page. This page will explain step by step how to set up your EIB request with License Deprovisioning.
  2. Once completed, read our recommended Testing Strategy.
  3. You can see the results of your License Deprovision on our License Deprovision Results page.