Team Sync Connector Setup via Workday EIB (Enterprise Interface Builder)

You will have 2 separate outbound EIBs. One for sending your user information and one for sending your team information.

Details for Report Creation

Before creating the EIBs, you will need to create 2 reports structured using the information below.

Report 1: Supervisor orgs (Teams) Report

  • Format as CSV
  • Fields
    • id: any unique identifier for an organization.
    • name: the name of the organization.
    • manager_ids: the unique identifier, same as the id in the users report. Supports multiple manager ids, separated by commas
    • parent_team_id: the primary identifier of the parent organization.

We recommend filtering out any teams that are missing ids or names. These fields are required and will cause an error if they are missing

Pluralsight requires that teams have unique names. If your team names are not unique the import process will add your managers name and the teams unique id to the end of the team name. For example... Team Name (John Smith - 12345).

Example of a valid team report (CSV):



Report 2: Workers (Users) Report

  • Format as CSV
  • Fields
    • id: any unique identifier for a worker (strongly prefer id used for SSO integration with Pluralsight)
    • email: user’s email.
    • first_name: user’s first name.
    • last_name: user’s last name.
    • team_id: the unique organization identifier, same as the id in the org report. Field value can be empty.

We recommend filtering out any users that are missing ids or emails. These fields are required and will cause an error if they are missing

Example of a valid user report (CSV):



The reports can be sent in any order. Once we have received a file for each report type we will begin processing the reports.

Workday Outbound EIB Documentation

Workday has provided detailed documentation for setting up and launching an outbound EIB.

Specific Setup Details for this Connector

  • Select Outbound when creating the EIB

  • Under the Get Data Section

    • Data Source Type:
      • Custom Report
    • Custom Report:
      • Select one of the reports you created
    • Alternate Output Format:
      • CSV
  • Under the Deliver Section

    • Delivery Method:
      • HTTP/SSL
    • Web Service Invocation Type:
      • Basic Auth
    • HTTP Address
    • File Name:
      • Either users or teams depending on the report you selected for this EIB
    • For other fields including username and password please reference the Authentication options options below:

Authentication options

Basic Authentication

Username: pluralsight

Password: [insert-your-api-key-here]

Bearer Authentication

Set Authentication header to “Bearer [insert-your-api-key-here]

There is also an optional PGP Encryption piece that can be enabled in the EIB Integration for extra security. If you would like to utilize this feature, let the PaaS Team know.

Use these instructions to set up launching and scheduling when this should run. We recommend weekly for now.

Viewing Results of EIB Submission

Workday does not display the results of your EIB Submission other than to display success or failure. If an error occurred during the process of validating your files, Workday will simply return that there was an error with no other information.

Please utilize our Import Results Tool to view the status and/or errors that occurred during the Validation and Sync Run processes.