Stability Release Stages

Each new graph operation (Query or Mutation) follows a standard release stage, ordering most stable to least stable: General Release (GR), Beta and Alpha. Type fields can also follow their own release cycle in certain scenarios, but typically follow the operation level release stage. For example, a specific query may be in General Release, but certain fields in the query's selection set could be in Beta or Alpha; However, this is not common.

Important Notes:

  • Using a less stable release stage is an agreement and acknowledgmentment of increased instability in API design and data integrity.
  • Access to Beta and Alpha queries is on a per API key basis and NOT an account or plan level.
  • Each release stage is a noted progression of instability, so a key with Alpha access also has access to Beta and GR entities that are more stable
  • If a key is marked as GR and a query is executed where a single field 5 levels deep is tagged as a Beta field, the entire call will fail.

Below is a list of each release stage and details about what each means:

General Release (GR)

When an operation is in General Release it is safe to use in a production environment.


The Beta release stage is the last stage before General Release. All customers are invited to opt in to the Beta release stage, However is meant to be used with caution. When considering using an operation or field in Beta, be aware of some potential drawbacks:

  • Known or unknown data integrity issues (missing or incorrect data).
  • Although the API in this stage is stabilizing and changes are rare, it is not guaranteed to not change before a General Release.
  • Shortened deprecation timeline for handling any breaking changes.

Questions to ask if considering using an operation/field in the Beta release stage:

  • If a breaking change were to be released, how would this impact my usecase?
  • How quickly can I adapt to changes in the API?
  • How important is data correctness at this stage of my project?

Joining Beta

All customers are invited to opt into the open beta. Joining beta is done on a per API key basis, not on a plan or account level. To give an API key beta access, simply edit an existing API key on the "Manage Keys" and toggle the "Join beta" switch.


The Alpha tag is meant to signal a potential for high instability in the API and data Items marked as Alpha should only be used for proof of concept work or early prototyping. The Alpha release stage is the default release for new operations and experimental features. It is not recommended to use anything in an Alpha release in a production environment.

Joining Alpha

Joining alpha is by invitation only. Email [email protected] to request Alpha access to this API.